Benefits of embedding Google reviews on Website in 2021

embed google reviews on website
embed google reviews on website
Google Reviews

Have you ever planned a trip and checked ratings on Google before booking the hotel? It is the first step that customers do and then make a purchase decision.

Most of us check the experiences of other people, their reviews, and suggestions about the particular product and services. Even if the brands and business are providing great content, reviews definitely affect the customers decision making.

That’s what google reviews does to your thought process.

In this extensive article, you will read about what google reviews are, their benefits and steps to embed Google review widget on your website.

Its a proven fact that customers are “The master of the market”. The study of his wants, needs and behaviour is the safest method for business survival and growth. Your audience has invariably been logical while making decisions.

They gather information and analyse before moving forward. Google review is what they seek in the first place. The customers evaluate a place, food, movies and what not, as per their experience.

Google gives your customer the option to rate and review the services they received. Embedding google reviews widgets on your website can increase the rank on google search. This gives you a better social proof along with an increase in revenues.

Such reviews are reliable as google allows only authentic customers to submit the review and rate the product/service.

Let us discuss a few imperative benefits of embedding google reviews on your website.

  1. Helps increase your brand awareness :

Google reviews are made public for the people to access. The consumer gets to know about the products and services you are offering and the quality it carries. This broadens your reach.

Word of mouth has always proved to be a critical element of the decision making process. Recommendation from the peers do wonders and same does the google reviews.

Hence, whenever a customer posts a favourable review about your product, that will influence a considerable amount of population. Displaying them on your website will surely increase your brand awareness.

2. Google reviews works as unique UGC :

User generated content is often trusted over any in-house content. Ratings and reviews about your product works as a remarkable UGC. Marketers need not to run many promotional campaigns. Your reviews do that for your brand.

You can embed google review widget on your website using tools available on various social media aggregation platforms. It is challenging to create a positive image of your brand in the minds of the customers.

Google reviews are rational and adds up to the brand advocacy. This increases brand stature as well.

3. Increase in revenues can be observed :

The first thing a customer does before buying a product is ascertaining its review. They trust the ratings as they find it genuine and drawn from the experience.

Higher ratings and favourable reviews makes your product desirable. This complements the customer’s decision making process.

Ratings trigger a positive response in the minds of your website visitors. There are higher chances of conversion and thereby increasing your revenues.

4. Google reviews build trust among the customers :

In spite of selling a good quality product, there are less chances of driving your customer’s attention. Google reviews makes your work painless.

Projecting the reviews on the website makes your brand reliable and worth trying. This builds trust among the customers. They become loyal towards the brand.

STEP 1 : Sign up to the tagembed account.

STEP 2 : Click on “+ create widget”. Enter the widget name and unique URL. Click on “create widget”.

STEP 3 : A pop up appears. Choose google as a source.

STEP 4 : Either choose my location or enter a location. Click on create widget.

STEP 5 : Provide the access and google will obtain the reviews into a feed.

STEP 6 : Click on embed widget.

STEP 7 : Select the website platform among the options available.

STEP 8 : Adjust the height and width as per the requirements of your website.

STEP 9 : Click on “get code”. Copy that and paste it in the website editor.

With these simple and code-free steps, your google reviews will be embedded on your website.

Follow these steps for any website platform. You can customise the google review feed and remove the unwanted reviews as well.

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Final thoughts

Google reviews have always been the most authentic user generated content, trusted by every individual. For such an imperative task, Tagembed is here to make it simple for you.

With just a few clicks, embed the google reviews on your website. This increases your brand reach and its credibility. Google reviews create transparency between the customers and the brand. This boosts your website performance and helps your brand grow.

Tagembed provides all the above mentioned features and many more functionality. Embedding google review widgets will augment your search engine ranking. It creates better chances of conversion and lead generation. It adds recognition, trust and worth to the brand.

Tagembed is a comprehensive platform for all your business needs. It provides easy integration with various social media platforms for a better performance.

Your business solutions are all just a few clicks away.

Reach out to us. Helping you is our priority.

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