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Introduced as a photo-sharing app, Instagram transformed into a highly user-engaged platform in no time. It has not just remained the social media platform to share videos or pictures but has become a happy hunting ground for innumerable brands.

With over 1 billion active monthly users and 500 million + active daily active users, Instagram is decked up with user-generated content, which is considered to be the most trustworthy content for quite a few years. And best way to use it is, to embed Instagram feed on your website.

So, why not leverage this amazing platform on your website in…

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Twitter has no more restricted its wings only till making communication among people all over the world feasible and interesting. It has become the hatchery for numerous businesses and brands that are animatedly working to make themselves noticeable.

Twitter as a social media platform has always been the best source of crisp and unique information from all over the world. Marketers are making great advantages with Twitter Widget to aggregate, curate & embed Twitter feed widget on the website and have made it the centre for doing all the endorsement for their brand. …

Twitter is a social media platform with maximum number of active users all over the world due to its ability to keep you updated with the latest news directly from the source.

Users can post pictures, videos, audios and texts on twitter, these posts are twitter feeds.

They appear in a reverse chronological order on your screen, the latest feeds are displayed on the top of the list. It is the effortless way to post anything on the internet and gain huge attention within minutes.

Twitter has made popularity just a few clicks away. …

A social media aggregator displays one or more social media feeds across the digital platforms. It is a way to quickly embed your website with the social media feeds. Social feeds can be used to display the latest social media updates on a big television screen, in the office space or reception area of your company. This is also a good concept for meetings, events, conferences, trade shows and wherever you would want to use digital signage.

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Social media aggregators differ in cost, depending upon some additional features, such as the number of social networking channels supported, WordPress compatibility and…

In the U.S.A, over 90% of the companies utilize the power of social media such as Facebook to market their business. Integration of Facebook photo album gallery is the method of expanding your promotional activities by redirecting your followers to your website. It makes the Facebook content available via the official brand website without having to leave it.

embed facebook photo album on website
embed facebook photo album on website

This not only liberates you from the updating your website over and over again but also makes your marketing efforts powerful in terms of brand awareness, lead generation, sales and revenues. Your informational website might engage a visitor once but would you…

Twitter is the world’s most followed social media platform and the best source of up-to-date happenings. From celebrities and influencers to brands and ordinary people, every 60 seconds, about 6,000 tweets are tweeted. Twitter is where you communicate, network and keep individuals updated about your company or blog. Twitter is a go-to site for news, announcements, and public relations for businesses.

embed twitter feed widget on website
embed twitter feed widget on website

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone you needed to communicate with were on Twitter? Because you spend a lot of time tweeting, engaging and building a successful Twitter. Have you every imagined of a tool to embed twitter feeds…

Online presence and reputation is one of the top assets we all need to nurture our business. A business is considered a winner or a loser by the way a company finds, produces, understands and reacts to feedback, ratings and opinions about their goods, services and the company as a whole. And, we’ll all agree to this.

Customer-shared views, testimonials and experiences are a serious commodity and you’ll need to find a way to treat them. It is the fundamental mechanism in which a loyal customer base is developed and their trust is nurtured. …

Social Media Aggregator is a package of widgets that help you to embed social media feeds on website. This is the latest and never ending marketing strategy to promote your business, brand, and website.

With these you can simply add social media feeds from all social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo, YouTube, etc. Social media aggregator collects all reviews, images, videos, hashtags, posts, albums, etc shared by users on various social media platforms.

social media aggregator
social media aggregator

This called Words of Mouth, as it impacts other users to trust on your brand. If a users already mentioned something good about…

With the inception of Facebook, the folks received a platform to share information as well as their feelings across the globe. In no time it became the most popular social media platform, which continues to date. While people enjoyed the richness it carried, marketers found a whole new ballgame. Today, business pages are the easiest way to make the best use of the forum.

Because of its diverse user engagement, Facebook ads were the best choice for marketers. Facebook widget extends these benefits to the web platform making it easier for brand promotions.

This comprehensive blog will guide you through…

A website is the most important aspect in a business affair. It should be as amazing as the brand itself. Every website owner tries making it engaging which drives a great deal of traffic. To do so, there are N number of options available but not all turn out to be fruitful. But, Facebook has always turned out to be a lifesaver in terms of its inordinate reach.

Facebook is one of the most popular and engaging social media platforms. You can enrich your website with Facebook feeds.

Shocking!! Yes, “ Facebook Widget” is a tool which allows you to…

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