7 benefits of embedding twitter feed widgets on your website

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Twitter is a very popular social networking site and has always been popular among the marketers for promoting their brand. With the precise strategies, brands can boost their sale and increase their online presence.

Twitter campaigns are an easy way to reach out to the target audience. It draws their attention and is trusted more than the other social media campaigns.

Twitter widget is a simple method of embedding your twitter feeds to your website. This makes the site look lively and alluring. It curates the user generated content and displays it across the website.

Here are some of the significant benefits of embedding twitter feeds on your website :

Your audience wants to be heard. Curating the user generated content on your website creates a sense of trust among them. They feel acknowledged and will turn out to be a loyal customer for your brand.

In-house content can sometimes be questionable. People trust the word of mouth and find it trustworthy. It augments the loyalty of your target audience towards the brand.

Businesses advance towards twitter to connect with the diverse audience. Since people are in an analytic psyche whiwe exploring twitter, you are likely to make a lasting impression.

Embedding twitter widget creates an engaging website which looks more appealing to the users. The engagement increases subsequently. A considerable amount of traffic increases on the website.

This brings about lead generation and it skyrockets the revenue. The brand receives recognition.

Twitter widgets are an array of tools that help brands share the user generated content on their website. It allows them to reach out to the users beyond their existing audience.

The new campaigns receive user endorsement and some turn out to be successful in terms of brand recognition, lead generation and gathering loyal customers.

Twitter widget provides a remarkable platform for keeping your website upto the minute. It engages people and increases their time spent on the website. UGC serves as the icing on the cake.

It binds your audience to the brand as they see its vitality.

Twitter widget draws the attention of your targeted audience & drives the traffic to the website. It curates ravishing Twitter widget and features them on your website.

Twitter widget makes it look engaging and hence increases the online reach. Assemble all the UGC into a single feed and drive the attention of your target audience.

Your audience will always look for something easy to explore. Giving them a platform to go through your social media content and user generated content increases their engrossment.

Twitter feed widgets update your website with the tweets and posts you uploaded on Twitter. It gives your website a whole new and modern look.

Your brand’s website needs to be as appealing as the brand itself. The monotonous look might lead to higher bounce rate and a considerable decrease in the engagement.

Before embedding the widget on your website, you can customize them as per your requirements. There are many designing options available such as fonts, designs, layouts, banners, and many more.

Some other features like colors, information display allows you to create an alluring website. Certain calls to actions can be added to increase the engagement.

Use various social media aggregator tools, curate your user generated content and embed the twitter widget to your website.

Simple!! Isn’t it ?

Embedding twitter widget is completely coding-free. You don’t require expertise. Even a non IT person can easily create responsive designs.

Twitter feed widget saves us from the complicated and problematic coding techniques. Get access to the updated twitter feeds on your website with just a few clicks.

benefits of twitter feed on website
benefits of twitter feed on website

Final thoughts :

With all the above mentioned features and many more, Tagembed provides a holistic platform for your business solutions.

Tagembed widget offers easy integration with all standard social media platforms, CMS platforms , and many more for maximum performance & results.

It is the best social media aggregator for your website to increase your brand awareness, engage people, build loyalty, and share your social feeds.

Create a social wall for all your events and Tagembed will help you display the best content from the social media. With the fast and responsive widgets, experience uninterrupted performance of your website.

Keep your content novel by updating your website’s twitter feed automatically, the moment it gets shared on twitter.

Take a free trial today and do share your experience with you. Get in touch with us.

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